Sunday, October 12, 2008

Easy Beefy Italian Skillet

This is one of our all-time favorite meals! It's so easy to make and so delicious! We've made it for company and they have really enjoyed it as well. You cook the pepperoni with the ground beef, so it cooks off a lot of the fat from both meats for you to drain. It's also very kid-friendly and yummy!

1 lb. ground beef
24 slices pepperoni
1 can tomatoes with garlic, oregano, and basil
1 green pepper, diced
2 pkg. beef flavored Ramen noodles, broken in half
1 c. water
1 c. mozzarella cheese

In a large skillet, combine the ground beef and pepperoni. Cook until meat is browned and then drain. Add tomatoes, water, and one seasoning packet from the Ramen noodles (throw the other one away). Bring to a boil and add green pepper and add noodles. Cover, reduce heat and simmer about 10 minutes, stirring once or twice. Add the cheese and cover, cooking until cheese has melted.

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Nikki said...

This was SOOO good! The whole family loved it, and Matt thought it was awesome because it had Ramen noodles in it. It was really easy to make, and a cheap dinner. :) One thing I did was put the green pepper in with the meat to cook a bit more (I like them sauteed a bit).