Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Moms Chicken Soup. ...the best 'ya ever had!

6 chicken breasts
8 carrots (nickel size slices)
8 lg. celery ribs, leafs and all, sliced thick
3 large onions chopped
1 bunch parsley chopped
1 bunch green onions , green part, too, chopped
5 chicken boullioun cubes
4 tbl. fresh basil
4 eggs
1/4 cup heavy cream

In a large soup pot, fill 3/4 with filtered water and a dash of salt; boil chicken till done. Remove chicken to cool; add veggies, boullioun and basil. Cook for 15 min. Cut chicken into bite size chunks and return to pot. Whisk eggs and cream together, bring pot to fast boil, and pour in egg mixture. Stir for 2 min. Simmer for 5 more min... Serve and enjoy. My son LOVES this so much! It makes a ton, and I usually freeze half for later!

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Lisa Ross said...

The soup didn't turn out very well the first time I made it. I think I put in too much water. When I reheated the leftovers I added a cup of rice and let it simmer for about an hour and a half. It was delicious!